1. Sandra

    Prachtige foto’s Louke! You worked so hard on them, and it shows!
    Cannot wait to see many more of your pictures!

  2. Hi Louke.
    What a nice job!
    I started looking at the photo, the trips, the videos and when I noticed one hour has passed. It was so pleasant that it was like one minute.
    I stayed in your hotel years ago invited by Belize Tourism Board and became friend of your mother. Through her pictures I saw you and your brother getting old.
    I like very much to take pictures.
    When I was 12 my father had a camera, all manual that I loved. It also needed a photometer to set light and speed. My father gave me a book and said, read and after a test, if you pass, you will get the camera. After one week I had that camera.
    It was my first step in one of the Different Worlds I have.
    Keep believing in your talent.
    You have a lot in each of the Different Worlds you live.

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