1. Laura lightburn

    I decided just today to start drinking coconut water for two weeks straight!! Thanks Louke for this information! ??

  2. Linda Martinez

    Awesome story about the coconut! Lots of info we didn’t know. Paul and I would love to try grilled coconut when we come in March! Thank you for posting in your blog!

  3. Lynn Todd

    Coconut water and oil seem to be all the rage, and you are that one of the few girls who actually has coconut trees in their yard.

    Since you are such an animal lover I thought you might not know that coconut oil is now being uses for so many things in the animal world. It’s the new fish oil. They have several books about how you can use it for animals on Amazon.

    I enjoy reading your blog very much.

  4. Leona

    Great article and photos! On a trip to Turneffe Atoll (Belize), the boat captain showed us how to peel a sprouted coconut stem with a knife and then eat the meat inside of it. I liked it even better than the coconut apple. It tastes similar to macadamia nut.

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