1. Elizabeth August

    I am so proud of you Louke! I am glad you had a great time with that amazing opportunity! You will continue to do great things!

  2. Dick Rouss

    Wow Louke ,that is fabulous what a great article.
    Glad to see you had such a good time.
    Keep the articles coming 🙂

  3. Lynn Barnes

    Very nice, Louke! I hope the history lessons encourages you to learn more about English history because it is fascinating! xoxo

  4. Bonneke

    I enjoyed your story about your stay at Wycombe Abbey very much! Allways a pleasure reading your blog, Louke-sweety <3

  5. Sandra

    Dear Louke,

    papa and I were so proud when you told us in March that you wanted to participate with Oxford Summer Courses. Especially because this was the first time that you were going to be by yourself for a week in another country. And it made us even more proud that you wanted to learn and meet with so many different nationalities.
    Thank you for writing your great story… I cannot wait to hear about all your other new adventures.


  6. Jan

    I love reading your new experiences in the world. Great to hear that you enjoy learning and like to meet new people. Seems that besides Nature and Science you also like History judging from your excitement about Roman times and interest for English History. Keep broadening your horizons while your mind is still young; there is a lot of interesting knowledge to learn and I am sure you will use that later on in life. After all, you are the new generation.

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