1. Louke we have known you all your life and we are very proud to see the smart and kind young lady you are becoming. Thank you for caring so much about Belize to write this excellent article. We trust our leaders will listen.

  2. Ludy van Noord

    You are doing great work It’s very important to make the world conscious of the beautiful and precious nature of the reef. Thank you!

  3. Sandra van Noord

    My dear Louke, from the moment you were born I already knew that you were going to be such an amazing person. I am proud of you that you show so much care for nature. And you show so much respect towards your friends. Please never change.
    I love you very much!

  4. Jan

    You are so right, the Belize Barrier Reef, the atolls, the beautiful islands and the mangrove are to fragile to risk any accidents with oil. One mistake would ruin the nature here forever. The ecosystem is a lifeline for Belize, it gives us resources, sustains tourism and the protection form the reef is very reason of Belize’s existence. Keep on protecting Belize!

  5. Suman Hotchandani

    Beautiful Belize …Cherish it …Love it. Protect it!!
    #UBetterBelizeIt !
    #ItsUnBelize’able !!
    #NoOffShoreDrillinginBelize !!!

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