Creativity Award 2016

As you know, I love cooking but I also LOVE Arts!  In all my years of school I always have received the “Creativity Award”. This Award is only given to the best and most creative student of that school year. I have been making paintings which I sell to visitors in Belize… With the profit I help an animal shelter here on the Island. I love animals and that is why I am doing this…
Some people commented that I may be young but I draw and paint like a real artist. Arts make me happy and l will share with you some fun & creative ideas!



As an artist, you always have one thing that scares you to draw. This might be hands, objects, landscapes, or even faces. I always been afraid to do faces. Recently, I challenged myself on my instagram to draw every person who asked to be drawn.

To be honest, I improved. Whenever you are scared or need to improve on something, I suggest you dive head in to accomplish your goal. Here are some examples:

I would like to say that I’ve never had professional art classes and I’m all self taught.

For more, (instagram) @Louke_arts


‘Under the sea’

I always loved watercolor as an artist. So I decided to make an underwater painting. This piece was actually for an art competition. We mailed the piece but ever got it back.

What I used:


Watercolor paper


For more art go to (instagram) @Louke_arts


Bob Ross painting

I followed one of the many ‘Bob Ross Painting Tutorials’.

What I used in this painting was:

Acrylic paint

A canvas

And many brushes

For more painting go to (Instagram) @Louke_arts