1. Ina van Klinken

    Great story, was very interesting. Maybe next time,when I visit Belize, I going to visit a Maya temple. Thank you Louke!

  2. Nancy Eaves

    We find almost all the same artifacts from the native Americans that were here 100’s of years before us. One of our favorite things to do is to search for Treasures

  3. Dear Ms. Louke, I’m so very proud of you for remembering so much from your field trip. Great job in telling your story. Grade A report. I look forward to having you visit again. Jan Brown, Chairman/Founder, MGMSAC, Ltd. (Caretaker of Maya history, Ambergris Caye) PS: Happy belated birthday wishes!

  4. Bonneke

    What a nice birthday surprise your teacher gave you, Louke! Obviously you were very interested, as you write such an enthousiastic report about it! Loved reading it.
    Lovely pictures too.
    Loads of kisses from Bonneke xxx

  5. Tom

    Thank you for sharing this information from the Maya archaeological site.
    It’s a nice overview, and very well written.
    Awesome, Louke.


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