1. sandra

    Hi Louke, your story is very interesting! I actually learned from it, and appreciate it so much that you care about nature.
    Mucho love,

  2. Lynn Barnes

    Thank you, Louke for sharing what you learned! There was quite a bit I was unaware of! I hope you never lose your passion to learn from others and to pass it along to the rest of us.

    Much love,

  3. Luz Hunter

    Great information! Would like to add something. Conch mostly stay in deep water and come into the shallows when it’s time to breed and lay eggs. Unfortunately, this is when most are collected and majority are females in very shallow water since that is where they go to lay eggs. It might be helpful to teach fishermen the difference between male and female conch and lobster and for the next 5 years or so, collect only males and give the females a chance to increase their numbers.

  4. Dick Rouss

    Hi Louke ,
    That is an amazing story ! I learned a lot from it too.
    Fabulous keep up the good work.
    Love it

  5. Linda Knox

    Louke, thank you for informing me about the conch…things I never knew. Education is vital for protection of all species. Great work!
    Hugs from Gabbi’s Chi-Chi in Florida

  6. Bonneke

    Hi Louke, allways a pleasure to read your blog! Interesting story about the conches and how to protect them from extinction !
    love you <3

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